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From Pinaki Poddar <>
Subject Re: OpenJPA support for JPA 2.1: when?
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2013 17:34:30 GMT

Matthew asks a pertinent question:
   > When will OpenJPA support JPA 2.1? 

Kevin's response is factual as well
> Pinaki has went so far to create a sandbox and start experimenting with an
> implementation.  Again, he's a one-man show and can't do it all.  Well, he
> probably could, but it would require a bit of work...  :-) 

I have done some analysis of the required changes to trunk to comply with
JPA 2.1. And made some preliminary implementation work. 

  But, as Kevin observes, Open Source is *not* a one-man show. It thrives on
voluntary participation, where *anyone* can contribute if they are
passionate about what they do. Not because they belong to a club of one sort
or other. 

  So for anyone reading this mail, you are welcome to express your wish to
participate in OpenJPA community. You need not to be a member of any
particular group or country, your only credential is you. You can write to
me in confidence and I will organize the due process to welcome you in the

  Someone in this thread had raised a doubt about current active
participation being dominated by the employees of a single company. But I
can assure you based on my association with many of them, that they are
excellent engineers who had earned the karma by their own merit and
open-minded enough to welcome you irrespective of who pays your bill or
which country you live. 


About complying to a 2.1 JPA spec version, we should honor a pair of key
principles that OpenJPA (or its predecessor Kodo) had always followed:
  a) it is not driven by a de jure specification and aspires to stay ahead
of the curve via innovative features (that perhaps no customer is asking for
at that point of times)
  b) its kernel is agnostic to datastore being of a particular kind (NoSQL
enthusiasts should take note ;)

While I will keep aside the later design principle for now, the former
principle applies for the current topic. This forward-looking tendency can
be observed when many "new" JPA features can be mapped onto "existing"
OpenJPA features (FetchPlan being a notable example). 

So it does sound strange when we discuss about implementing JPA 2.1 features
as if the decision is subjected to someone asking for it. 

  A Open Source group builds features not because a spec committee or a
customer, but because , the members, as engineers, think that a feature will
be useful -- today or tomorrow. Time may prove otherwise, but unless we
carry that spirit of innovation backed by our love for a technology domain,
we, as a group, will fall into the trap of factory-built, proprietary
software that is so twentieth century.

  Yes, a popular spec like JPA can provide a guideline, but our decision of
how to take OpenJPA forward should not depend on it.       

Pinaki Poddar
Chair, Apache OpenJPA Project
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