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From andyatmiami <>
Subject Multi-Root queries using CriteriaBuilder result in Additional CROSS JOIN
Date Sat, 13 Apr 2013 18:54:18 GMT

I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the behavior I am seeing
using CriteriaBuilder.

I have this code block constructing a query (please notice the "job" related
configurations have been commented out):

This results in the following SQL:

So far, so good.  Now, in the method that builds this query, I am actually
passing in a "Job" object that I want to have set on the MetricBaseline
object I am creating (using builder.createQuery(MetricBaseline.class) +
multiselect + constructor defined on MetricBaseline).  I was hoping  would
work, but that does not seem to be the case.  So, I am now trying to
construct a multi-root query.  However, if I uncomment the "job" related
code from the Java snippet I posted above - I see the following SQL get

Notice how OPPORTUNITY t0 is now CROSSED JOIN'd to OPPORTUNITY t1??  I find
it confusing because merely adding the additional  is causing a CROSS JOIN
to OPPORTUNITY - even though t1 (the OPPORTUNITY CROSS JOIN) and t5 (the JOB
CROSS JOIN) are not being related in any way.  By adding the JOB root, now
my CONTACT and USER tables are being joined to the CROSS JOIN table t1 and
not the "real" root t0!!!  This really causes me problems because I have a
WHERE clause on t0 (t0.status = ?) that isn't getting applied to t1 - so my
query is broken.  Furthermore, since I don't know where this CROSS JOIN is
coming from, I cannot create an expression to relate it to t0.

Now, I am hoping the problem/issue is obvious enough someone can help me
without me having to post all my entities with their property mappings. All
the mappings involved are @OneToOne (some optional, some not) - but if the
specific code is required - just let me know and I can provide.

Thanks in advance.


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