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From Boblitz John <>
Subject ActiveMq as RemoteCommitProvider
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2012 15:20:06 GMT
Good Afternoon,
I am trying to implement activeMQ as my RemoteCommitProvider, but I'm having a hard time getting
it running.
I have multiple EntityManagerFactories, which are accessing the same underlying data and need
to coordinate the Data Caches.
I have tried the steps mentioned on the activeMQ site for setting up JNDI and the few instructions
I found in the JPA Manual.
But it's not working as desired.
I have searched a bit, but either my search-foo is weakening, or I'm not using the right keywords
- but I can not find any type of 
"guide" for setting this up.
So,  does anyone know of a good doc for setting this up?  Or maybe you have done it as well
and can send me a sample config?
Im using openJpa 2.2.0 and I'm stuck at even making the connection work (I get a naming error).
I'm not asking for debug help unless offered, therefore I'm not posting the code /traces just
yet as I don't want to derail
the group.



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