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From Boblitz John <>
Subject pro & contra of using Multiple Persistence Units
Date Mon, 14 May 2012 13:06:34 GMT
Good Afternoon,
I have been looking around the interwebs but can't seem to find any discussions regarding
advantages / disadvantages of using multiple persistence units in a Java SE environment to
connect to 
a single data source.
Does anyone know of a good link?
Also, any info/recomendations from the community would be great ...
A bit of Background:
I am currently working on an application which splits it's functionality across several services,
mainly based on
the function of the data (basic code tables, product data, employee data, etc ...) and / or
an sub-application 
(Invoicing, etc ...).
Each of the services will obviously need to access data from other services, and it is currently
designed that 
each service has it's own Persistence Unit.  IOW, basic code tables are "managed" in packaged
service with it's own
persistence implementation/unit JAR.
I am a bit concerned that the various PU's will end up with divergent states of the data,
unless they can somehow
be synchronized.
So, what I'm looking for is any information to help me decide how to best configure the persistence
Thanks & Best Regards

John Boblitz


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