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From James Talbut <jtal...@tardis.spudsoft>
Subject OpenJPA and OSGi - splitting the persistence context
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2012 08:49:30 GMT

I'm working on a system that is due to be hosted in Apache Felix.
There will be one central library that provides (amongst other things) a bunch of common JPA
Then there will be a continually increasing number of additional bundles providing web services
that use those JPA and, crucially, add to them.
Each of the web service classes will need at least one JPA class that derives from a class
in the shared library.
I don't need the library to share any state between the web services, it's just a bunch of
common code.

Is it possible for a jar to extend the persistence.xml defined in another jar?

If not, do I need to have a separate persistence context for the library and the web service

Can OpenJPA work as nothing more than a bunch of classes exposed from a bundle?



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