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From kostellodon <>
Subject Lifecycle listener invoked on Query
Date Wed, 29 Feb 2012 17:26:04 GMT
I am using OpenJPA 1.2.3 in WebSphere 7.  I have an entity that I have added
an entity listener via annotation.  In the entity listener class, I have
defined PostPersist, PostUpdate, and PostRemove methods.

I am using a web service.  Within the web service lifecycle, there are two
different methods that deal with my entity object.  In one, I am just doing
a fetch by creating a query & invoking query.getSingleResult().  In the
other method, I am updating the object.  Both of these methods are causing
the lifecycle PostUpdate method to be invoked.  I believe that the second is
correct, but I'm not sure why PostUpdate is being called by the query.  My
understanding is that PostLoad only should be invoked.

The following is my stack trace from the invocation by the Query method
(AuditListener.updateCheck is my lifecycle PostUpdate method):

AuditListener.updateCheck(Object) line: 66	
NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Method, Object, Object[]) line: not
available [native method]	
NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Object, Object[]) line: 60	
DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Object, Object[]) line: 37	
Method.invoke(Object, Object...) line: 611	
BeanLifecycleCallbacks.makeCallback(Object, Object, int) line: 85	
LifecycleEventManager.makeCallbacks(Object, Object, ClassMetaData, int,
Collection) line: 340	
LifecycleEventManager.fireEvent(Object, Object, ClassMetaData, int) line:
BrokerImpl.fireLifecycleEvent(Object, Object, ClassMetaData, int) line: 690	
StateManagerImpl.fireLifecycleEvent(int) line: 352	
StateManagerImpl.afterFlush(int) line: 1008	
BrokerImpl.flush(int) line: 2052	
BrokerImpl.flushSafe(int) line: 1927	
BrokerImpl.flush() line: 1698	
QueryImpl.isInMemory(int) line: 956	
QueryImpl.execute(int, Map) line: 838	
QueryImpl.execute(Map) line: 779	
DelegatingQuery.execute(Map) line: 525	
QueryImpl(QueryImpl).execute() line: 254	
QueryImpl(QueryImpl).getSingleResult() line: 317	

Should this be happening?  Is there a way I can prevent it?


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