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From "M. Walter" <>
Subject Re: Version of all children is incremented in OneToMany when merging parent entity
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2011 14:48:14 GMT
Hi Rick,

when I run the application server, entites are loaded and converted to DTOs
which are serialized and transported to the client via the network. Next the
client changes some values (or one value in this case). Then the DTOs are
transferred back to the server and converted into JPA entities again. A
merge is done to persist the changes.

As I said before the default LockManager (version) is responsible for
incrementing the version of all children even if the objects are not
modified. (I used this LockManager in my test and only the modified object's
version was touched, so there has to be a difference between resource-local
and JTA handling.) To increment all childrens' version field is a VERY
strict behaviour of OpenJPA and in my opinion this makes not sense in every
case. But how can I switch this off? If I set LockManager to "none" there is
no difference to "version". And "pessimistic" with
"VersionUpdateOnWriteLock" set to false or none or whatever (not documented
what value to use to switch it off) didn't help either. So what can I do?

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