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From "M. Walter" <>
Subject Re: openjpa.Runtime "Unable to locate Transaction Synchronization Registry"
Date Fri, 29 Jul 2011 08:39:01 GMT
No there are no exceptions. And enabling openjpa.Log Enhance=TRACE did not
help either.

But I did some debugging and I could isolate the problem.
When I persist my entities I do a flush and a refresh in order to return the
entity instance just after the INSERT to the client. This is done because
the client does not have to explicitly call a business entity finder method
again to get the entity with the now set primary key back. So my persist
method does four things:
return myEntity;

Now it shows that this is the problem. If I remove the flush and refresh
calls the "SEVERE: javaAccessorNotSet" errors disappear in my JUnit tests
but now I get a stale (meaning the entity has the state BEFORE the INSERT -
no primary key is set) entity back. I'm not sure whether this is a good
practice because I do a commit in the middle of the business transaction.
But the RCP client needs the primary key because after saving the data the
client has to execute further business methods which need the primary key. A
new remote call to the service facade in order to get the whole entity
object tree with all relationships converted to DTOs first, serialized,
shipped over the network and then deserialized again is very costly. But
maybe you have a nice solution for me? :-)

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