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From "Boblitz John" <>
Subject Reverse Mapping PostgresDB - unique constraints not generated.
Date Fri, 20 May 2011 06:26:00 GMT
I am attempted to reverse map a PostgresDB, and, after some initial problems
I suceeded in generating a schema with the SchemaTool and then the annotated classes
via the ReverseMappingTool.
I am generally very happy with the results.  However, none of my unique constraints are
annotated in the classes!  The data regarding the constrainst is in the schema.xml - but does
get used.
I searched the list and extensively on the net, but most of what I find has nothing to do
with the 
problem ...

Here an example from the schema.xml:
<table name="exchangerate">
  <pk name="pk_exchangerate" column="uniqueid"/>
    <column name="uniqueid" type="bigint" type-name="int8" not-null="true" size="19"/>
    <column name="type" type="char" type-name="bpchar" not-null="true" size="2"/>
    <column name="fromcurrency" type="bigint" type-name="int8" not-null="true" size="19"/>
    <column name="tocurrency" type="bigint" type-name="int8" not-null="true" size="19"/>
    <column name="begin" type="date" not-null="true" size="13"/>
    <column name="modifier" type="smallint" type-name="int2" not-null="true" default="1"
    <column name="rate" type="numeric" not-null="true" size="10" decimal-digits="5"/>
    <fk name="fk_currency_of_exchange_rate_tocurrency" delete-action="restrict" to-table="galaxy11.currency"
    <fk name="fk_currency_of_exchange_rate_fromcurrency" delete-action="restrict" to-table="galaxy11.currency"
    <index name="uq_exchangerate_type_to_from_begin" unique="true">
      <on column="type"/>
      <on column="tocurrency"/>
      <on column="fromcurrency"/>
      <on column="begin"/>
    <index name="uq_exchangerate_uniqueid" unique="true" column="uniqueid"/>


And here, the generated class:  the Unique Constraint "uq_exchangerate_type_to_from_begin"
is missing ....

package g11.persistence.model;

import java.util.*;
import javax.persistence.*;

 * Auto-generated by:
 * org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.meta.ReverseMappingTool$AnnotatedCodeGenerator
@Table(schema="galaxy11", name="exchangerate")
public class Exchangerate {

	private Date begin;

	@ManyToOne(fetch=FetchType.LAZY, cascade=CascadeType.MERGE)
	@JoinColumn(name="fromcurrency", columnDefinition="int8", nullable=false)
	private Currency fkCurrencyOfExchangeRateFromcurrency;

	@ManyToOne(fetch=FetchType.LAZY, cascade=CascadeType.MERGE)
	@JoinColumn(name="tocurrency", columnDefinition="int8", nullable=false)
	private Currency fkCurrencyOfExchangeRateTocurrency;

	private short modifier;

	private double rate;

	@Column(columnDefinition="bpchar", nullable=false, length=2)
	private String type;

	private long uniqueid;

	public Exchangerate () {

	public Exchangerate (long uniqueid) {
		this.uniqueid = uniqueid;

	public Date getBegin () {
		return begin;

	public void setBegin (Date begin) {
		this.begin = begin;

	public Currency getFkCurrencyOfExchangeRateFromcurrency () {
		return fkCurrencyOfExchangeRateFromcurrency;

	public void setFkCurrencyOfExchangeRateFromcurrency (Currency fkCurrencyOfExchangeRateFromcurrency)
		this.fkCurrencyOfExchangeRateFromcurrency = fkCurrencyOfExchangeRateFromcurrency;

	public Currency getFkCurrencyOfExchangeRateTocurrency () {
		return fkCurrencyOfExchangeRateTocurrency;

	public void setFkCurrencyOfExchangeRateTocurrency (Currency fkCurrencyOfExchangeRateTocurrency)
		this.fkCurrencyOfExchangeRateTocurrency = fkCurrencyOfExchangeRateTocurrency;

	public short getModifier () {
		return modifier;

	public void setModifier (short modifier) {
		this.modifier = modifier;

	public double getRate () {
		return rate;

	public void setRate (double rate) {
		this.rate = rate;

	public String getType () {
		return type;

	public void setType (String type) {
		this.type = type;

	public long getUniqueid () {
		return uniqueid;

	public void setUniqueid (long uniqueid) {
		this.uniqueid = uniqueid;

I expected:

@Table(schema="galaxy11", name="exchangerate" uniqueConstraints=@Unique(columnNames={"type",
"tocurrency", "fromcurrency", "begin"})

Is this a known problem?  Any way to get the results I'm looking for?


	openJPA 2.1.0
	On Eclipse Helios




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