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From chintan4181 <>
Subject @PersistenceContext is null
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2011 23:42:34 GMT

I am trying to access JPA entities using Stateless EJBs, Earlier i have one
Stateless EJB which was injecting PersistenceContext using annotation. It is
working fine. Since Stateless EJB is haveing data access code, I have
introduced DAO mechanism to separate data access from EJB. For that I have
added below classes 

public interface GenericDAO&lt;E,K extends Serializable&gt; {

	void persist(E entity);
    void remove(E entity);
    E findById(K id);


ApplicationDAO: defined DAO as Stateless EJB
public class ApplicationDAO&lt;E,K extends Serializable&gt; implements
GenericDAO&lt;E,K&gt; {

	protected Class entityClass;

	@PersistenceContext(name = "MIApplicationJPA", unitName =
	public EntityManager entityManager;

	public ApplicationDAO() {
		ParameterizedType genericSuperclass = (ParameterizedType)
		this.entityClass = (Class) genericSuperclass.getActualTypeArguments()[1];

	public void persist(E entity) { 

	public void remove(E entity){ 

	public E findById(K id) { 
		E entity;
		entity = (E) entityManager.find(entityClass, id);
		return entity;


public class CertDAOImpl extends ApplicationDAO&lt;Cert,Integer&gt;{

	public Certificate findByCertNumber(String certId) throws Exception {

		Certificate cert = (Certificate)
		return cert;

However when i access entityManager from CertDAOImpl. entitymanage is coming
as null. Even though it is in same EJB jar. can anybody tell me what could
be the issue?


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