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From Tobias Trelle <>
Subject Re: NPE with Fetch Join Query
Date Mon, 04 Apr 2011 07:37:06 GMT

Rick Curtis wrote:
> It looks like you configured openjpa.RuntimeUnenhancedClasses=true and I'm
> certain is your problem. Please configure another method of
> enhancement[1]... Let me know if you have any issues getting your classes
> enhanced.

Thank you very much. It was indeed a matter of enhancement. Now my tests run
both with JDK1.6 (auto enhancement) and JDK1.5 using the -javaagent VM

However, when using JDK 1.5 with javaagent, I am not able to use an own
classloader to redirect the resource persistence.xml to another file.
Typically, we are using a seperate persistence.xml per unit test, like
fetch-test-persistence.xml. That classloader ist attach to the current
thread ...


... and redirects to the given resource when it encounters a request for
persistence.xml. That happens _before_ the first access to
EntityManagerFactory and EntityManager.

I suppose the enhancer agent is triggered before that classloader is
registered with the thread and therefore the enhancer only sees the entities
in the standard persistence.xml.


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