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From Joel Halbert <>
Subject Re: Error merging in entity - GeneratedValue
Date Sat, 04 Dec 2010 15:04:37 GMT
Hi Mike,

Yes, you're right about the detatched state, it only happens when 
merging in detatched entities.

These are the properties I have set, nothing exotic.

<property name="openjpa.RuntimeUnenhancedClasses" value="supported"/>
<property name="openjpa.jdbc.SynchronizeMappings" value="buildSchema"/>
<property name="openjpa.ConnectionDriverName" 
<property name="openjpa.ConnectionProperties" 

<property name="openjpa.DataCache" value="false"/>
<property name="openjpa.RemoteCommitProvider" value="sjvm"/>

I'll take a look at the unit tests to see if  can replicate it by 
running them.

On 02/12/10 16:42, Michael Dick wrote:
> I noticed your email, but didn't get a chance to look into the problem in
> any depth. I think there are unit tests that cover this scenario (at least
> with the default options). If you have any properties set in
> persistence.xml, could you post them? The JIRA suggests that the problem is
> related to detached state - which might help to narrow down the problem.
> Regards,
> -mike
> On Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 8:06 AM, Joel Halbert<>  wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Anyone able to comment on the below? I should mention I'm using 2.0.1
>> Cheers
>> J
>> On 26/11/10 12:03, Joel Halbert wrote:
>>> Hi Folks,
>>> I'm getting the following response when trying to merge in an existing
>>> entity:
>>> <openjpa-2.0.1-r422266:989424 nonfatal user error>
>>> org.apache.openjpa.persistence.InvalidStateException: The generated value
>>> processing detected an existing value assigned to this field: com.su3ana
>>>  This existing value was either
>>> provided via an initializer or by calling the setter method.  You either
>>> need to remove the @GeneratedValue annotation or mod
>>> ify the code to remove the initializer processing.
>>>         at
>>> org.apache.openjpa.util.ApplicationIds.assign(
>>> I can confirm that the id field is not set, either via a constructor, or
>>> by a setter method.
>>> Is it possible that it might be related to the followig issue in JIRA?
>>> If so, is there a fix/patch available?
>>> Cheers,
>>> Joel

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