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From Ilan Kirsh <>
Subject Re: JPAB results
Date Thu, 11 Nov 2010 02:16:10 GMT

Hi Mike,

Automatic schema generation is used by all the tested JPA implementations -
in order to simplify the benchmark. I agree, however, that it should be
excluded from time measurement because it is not a real factor in
production. I will try to explain what I did and I will be glad to get your

The time of every test run is divided into 2 phases. The first phase is
always excluded from time measurement. Only the performance in the second
phase is taken into account. This way, initialization operations including
class loading, enhancement by the Java Agent enhancer, JIT compilation, JVM
tuning (inlining and other optimizations) and schema generation - are all
excluded from time measurement.

Connecting to the database (invocation of createEntityManager) is also
completed before starting to measure time to avoid the influence of
connection pools.

Given the above, do you still think that the SynchronizeMappings property
might affect the results. If so, how?

If necessary I may generate 2 persistence units for every test (per
ORM/DBMS) - one for initialization (including schema generation)  and the
other for the time measurement. But I want to keep the benchmark simple as
possible, so I will do that only if it is really necessary.

Best regards,
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