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From Pinaki Poddar <>
Subject Re: JPAB results
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2010 15:29:33 GMT

The "benchmark" quotes [1]

"A huge performance gap has been detected when using simple basic entities
with small transaction/retrieval size. Comparing the normalized speed of
OpenJPA with MySQL database server (0.15) to the normalized speed of
Hibernate with MySQL database server (8.5) reveals that in that case,
Hibernate with MySQL server is 56.7 times faster than OpenJPA with MySQL
server. "

All the OpenJPA users out there must be real dumb and must immediately
switch to something that is 56.7 times faster. Or not. When a benchmark
developer reports such drastic results -- they would be better off to
double-check their observations -- given that both the vendors had been in
operation for quite a while and users are *not* dumb. Actually such drastic
observations degrade one's confidence in these reported numbers despite of
them being presented with panache. 

A cursory look tells that the OpenJPA tests are often failing on getting a
database connection. Looks like there is no connection pooling for OpenJPA.
If anyone care to run the tests (I refuse to call it a benchmark) to alley
that "56.7 times slower fear", will benefit from using a connection pool [2]
(please note that an auto-pooling of database connections are on the cards)


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