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From joe <>
Subject Re: updating a many to many relationship
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2010 07:26:29 GMT

Thanks for your reply, i am sorry about my failed discription of the 

 > Can you help clarify this usage and the expected behavior?

I do my best.

Yes its an EJB-method, but its called from a Swing GUI client 
application. In the GUI there is a dialog where an operator can edit a 
user profile. One part of that action is to assign/remove groups the 
user should/shouldn'T belong to.

So the first thing what happens in that dialog is to retrieve the user 
entity (including the groups) from an EJB. This works totally fine here.
After editing the user's profile in the gui, the changed user entity 
should be send back to the EJB to update the database.

So the EJB receives the unmanaged user entity (including the unmanaged 
group entities). The purpose of the posted EJB method is to bring the 
entities back into managed state to update the database.

This code is quite complex (and it doesn't work in production), and i 
hope there is a simpler way to implement my use case. Any idea?

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