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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: Base entity class in separate jar
Date Fri, 17 Sep 2010 18:22:34 GMT
Some questions to get started -

Which JDK are you using?  We have a dynamic enhancer that uses the
Attach API in JDK6 or later.

How is your application being packaged and what runtime environment are
you using?

For enhancing in Maven, you can try the openjpa-maven-plugin
but use openjpa version 2.0.1 instead of 1.2.2 as on the wiki.


On 9/17/10 3:13 AM, Bengt Rodehav wrote:
> I'm using OpenJPA 2.0.1. All my entities share some common properties like:
> - createdBy
> - createdWhen
> - updatedBy
> - updatedWhen
> - version
> - id
> I therefore create a superclass (EntityBase) that contains these properties.
> It is an abstract class annotated with @MappedSuperclass. However, I'm not
> sure how to handle this class. In runtime OpenJPA tries to find an enhanced
> version but cannot find it.
> I list both the EntityBase class and the sub classes in the persistence
> descriptor and I use
> <exclude-unlisted-classes>true</exclude-unlisted-classes>
> It seems to be best-practice although I think it's really bad to maintain
> the list of entity classes in a separate XML file like this. Would like to
> be able to skip this in the future.
> During testing I have used
> <property name="openjpa.RuntimeUnenhancedClasses" value="supported" />
> It's really convenient but OpenJPA cannot find the EntityBase class. I
> therefore try to use compile time enhancing instead using an ant task from
> within maven (it would be really nice if OpenJPA provided a maven plugin for
> this). First I did this in the maven project containing the sub classes but
> the enhancer then complains that it cannot find the EntityBase class. I then
> run the enhancer both in the maven project containing EntityBase and the
> maven project containing the sub classes. It then turns out that the
> enhancer cannot run without having a persistence descriptor, which my
> framework project doesn't need. I then created a dummy descriptor just so I
> could list the EntityBase class but still can't get it to work.
> Without getting even more into the details I was hoping that maybe someone
> else has encountered the same problem and can suggest a solution to the
> following problem: How can entities in OpenJPA use a common base class that
> is built separately and located in a separate jar?
> /Bengt
> It need to be in a separate jar than the sub classes since it will be shared
> by many different entities. It's a typical framework class. If I use

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