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From Jean-Baptiste BRIAUD -- Novlog <>
Subject Re: Enhancing with Eclipse
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2010 09:42:30 GMT

On 10 août 2010, at 18:16, Rick Curtis wrote:

>> bin is managed by Eclipse : src/META-INF should be OK if I manage to have
> only one persistence.xml file.
> Correct. Eclipse will automatically move src/META-INF to bin.
>> Very good idea, but how to tell openjpac with persistence unit to use ??
> I think you can try something like "-p #[pu_name]". ... I'm not sure how
> nicely that'll play with the eclipse ant configuration, but you should be
> able to get it to work.

I don't find the answer in the doc nor in the source code of PCEnhancerTask.
Basically, I'm not able to choose the persistence unit from ant task for the build-time enhancer.

The "-p #[pu_name]" stuff is from the command line, not from ant.

Exploring the source code of PCEnhancerTask doesn't helped me.
I'm not sure but it might confirmed it is just not possible :

    protected ConfigurationImpl newConfiguration() {
        return new OpenJPAConfigurationImpl();

No persistence unit as a parameter ?
On the other hand, this method doesn't appears to be called :
What is that getConfiguration() method ?
Can't find it in the class, so it must be from superclass witch is from Ant, so no possibility
to pass the persistence unit ?

    protected void executeOn(String[] files)
        throws IOException { = (dirName == null) ? null
            : Files.getFile(dirName, getClassLoader());
        OpenJPAConfiguration conf = (OpenJPAConfiguration) getConfiguration();
        MetaDataRepository repos = conf.newMetaDataRepositoryInstance();, files, flags, repos, null, getClassLoader ());

Any idea ? I'm totally in the dark ...

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