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Subject RE: Map enum with AbstractValueHandler, but on multiple columns
Date Thu, 03 Jun 2010 16:19:46 GMT
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> Sent: Thursday, June 03, 2010 8:29 AM
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> Subject: Map enum with AbstractValueHandler, but on multiple columns
> Using OpenJPA 1.2.2 (I can't upgrade to 2.0.0 at this time).
> I have several columns in various tables that are mapped with enum
> types, using an AbstractValueHandler strategy in each case.  In each
> those cases, the enum type is only used for that single column in that
> table.
> In my AbstractValueHandlers, I define the "map", "toObjectValue", and
> "toDataStoreValue" methods.  The last two are simple.  In the "map"
> method, I return an array of one Column object, specifying the column
> name and type.  It seems odd to specify a column name here, but it
> works.
> I now have a situation where a particular enum type is going to be
> in several columns in several tables.  Am I going to have to make a
> list
> of the column names in the various tables where this type is used and
> return them from the "map" method?  That can't be right.  What are my
> options for making this a little cleaner?

Would this just be the EnumValueHandler?

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