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From Russell Collins <>
Subject RE: JPA 3.0
Date Sun, 27 Jun 2010 05:24:01 GMT
I have never tried to use JPA with Stored Procedures so excuse my ignorance.  If it is difficult
or not available, it would benefit the spec if JPA would easily use stored procedures and
views just like it uses tables.  The only thing I think would need to be added to a marked-up
Entity Object is something like a stored procedure input annotation.  Example:

@Column(name = "admid", nullable=false, length=10)
@ProcedureInput(procedurename = "sp1" name = "somename1", length =  10)
@ProcedureInput(procedurename = "sp2" name = "somename2", length =  10)
private String id;

Just a suggestion.  Hopefully it can spark some good discussion.

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From: Daniel Toffetti []
Sent: Friday, June 25, 2010 7:46 PM
Subject: RE: JPA 3.0


    Sorry I'm late but I don't want to miss this party... :-)
    I want to join Chris in his feelings, but pointing out that perhaps what
I would most likely want to see is a JDBC 5 rather than a JPA 3.
    I'll try to be more specific:
- I agree I'm not interested in the entity state, I just want detached
- I don't want to configure mappings, I just want table rows as objects,
anemic model is what some people call it. If there is a tool that can
generate the corresponding Java code, better yet.
- I don't want to write JDBC boilerplate code, things like Spring JDBC
templates or similar would be appreciated (but without Spring !).
- Our databases make heavy use of stored procedures, setting IN params,
getting OUT params and a list of entities should be trivial. Spring SP
templates comes to mind (but without Spring !).

    Some time ago I started a quest for a magic tool, I searched
SourceForge, GoogleCode, FreshMeat and Kenai for keywords like SQL, JDBC,
JPA, DAO, ORM, Stored Procedure, etc. I've found and downloaded about eighty
projects, most with source code, most barely useable. Some of them attempt
to avoid OR mapping, some attempt to do it but better. Data access tools and
libraries pop everywhere you move a rock, I guess this says something about
the situation.

    The first time I learnt about ORM, I got scared and horrified... like,
"you mean no SPs ?"  I've come to understand the scenarios where ORM and JPA
have its place, I don't think JPA is faulty.
    It's just that I want something different, some tool that assumes I'm
working with an RDBMS and want to use it as such.

    Thanks in advance for any useful tool or URL I might have missed.



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