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From "C N Davies" <>
Subject RE: Virtual Entity
Date Fri, 25 Jun 2010 08:16:43 GMT
Hi Milosz,

It's a while back now because I've been using 2.0 for some time but bascially the behaviour
was very inconsistent. I could run a query against a view 10 times and 3 out of 10 times there
would be missing rows. The other issue was that if my view included joins, null handling was
very inconsistent across different executions. 

I am guilty of not logging a Jira for the issues but at the time I was fighting with other
issues and didn't find the time. I have used the same on 2.0 and it doesn't seem to have the
same issues. 

One caveat on all of this is that at the time I was using run time enhancement (stupidly)
so there is a pretty good chance that this a contributing factor if not the root cause. But
at the end of the day 2.0 is a much better product (just neds the aggregation rules fixed)
so I've not go back and double checked it on 1.2.x



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From: MiƂosz Tylenda [] 
Sent: Friday, 25 June 2010 5:33 PM
Subject: RE: Virtual Entity


Are you able to provide a few details what was wrong with views? Do you mean problems with
schema creation or with reading an entity mapped to an existing view?


> Not sure about OpenJPA 2.0 but on 1.2.2 views on MySQL was totally broken.

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