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From Jeff Awe <>
Subject Re: UnsupportedOperationException from BrokerImpl.flushTransAdditions( using OpenJPA 1.2.2
Date Fri, 07 May 2010 15:50:11 GMT


Thanks for the response.  In rare cases, our code is doing what you've
described, and I was able to recreate by forcing this rare case:

1.  A transaction is started and committed w/o any changes occurring.
2.  When commit is called, we have multiple TransactionListeners that are
fired, and one of them does end up making a change in rare cases.

I've coded up a workaround where we always dirty a transaction before
calling commit, but I'm a little worried about the extra overhead this would
cause.  Regardless, we're too late in our development cycle to get this
change into our product, so we'll probably have to live with this until our
next patch, where hopefully we'll be able to pull in an OpenJPA fix for

I think we're in agreement that this is a valid OpenJPA bug.  Has a JIRA
issue been opened for this yet?


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