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From Heiko Kopp <>
Subject Re: EntityNotFoundException caused by EntityManager.refresh()
Date Fri, 16 Apr 2010 05:49:06 GMT

Hello Mike, 

thanks first for your fast answer on this.

Michael Dick wrote:
> Do you have CascadeType.REFRESH or CascadeType.ALL specified for
> Addresses? If a related entity no longer exists in the database then an
> EntityNotFoundException needs to be thrown (spec p. 75).

Yes this is true, I added CascacdeType.REFRESH to the OneToMany()
Relationship for the addresses. To make sure that in case a Person is
refreshed, the list of addresses is refreshed too. However, I was not aware
that this might lead to an exception.

Michael Dick wrote:
> It gets a little nebulous when you're talking about toMany relationships.
> EntityManager.refresh() indicates that the contents of the entity are
> updated from the database, but it looks like OpenJPA is refreshing the
> entity, and any related entities based on the references in memory. I'd
> say this is a bug, if you could open a 
> JIRA issue  we'll start
> working on the problem. Or if you don't have / don't want a JIRA account I
> can open it on your behalf. 
To understand you correctly: The spec says that if a related entity no
longer exists in the database and the cascadeing type is set to REFRESH or
higher, an exception must be thrown. In this case, the system works
perfectly as it is and there is no bug. I was simply not aware that in this
situation a EntityNotFoundException might be thrown.

However, if there should be no exception in case of CascadeType.REFRESH set
on the OneToMany relationship to the addresses and the refresh is called
uppon the Person, I should open a JIRA issue.

Michael Dick wrote:
> Your workaround seems safe for the time being. 
Good, I will work with this for now. Let me add a question here. What is
from your pespective the correct way of making sure that every external
change of the database is reflected by the entity 'structure'? My thinking
here was to use refresh() and add the CascadeType REFRESH to all
relationships in the refreshed object. Now this might lead to the given
EntityNotFoundException. Fine, but how to handle this? As you said yourself,
my workaround is safe, but is it a good way of doing this?

Thank you for your help,


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