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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: Open jpa 2.0 and maven build
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2010 14:35:31 GMT
Can you remove the repo from your POM and see if that helps?
I've had to exclude that from several projects as they have some bad
artifacts out there that cause build problems.

Also, what does your persistence.xml look like?  Which schema version
are you using and what properties are set?


On 3/10/10 11:13 PM, Pmoran wrote:
> Thanks for all your help guys
> Those POM errors were due to transcription/editing for the post so no change
> is required as what you recommend is the way it really is. I did a few
> others debug runs though, here is what I did and got back:
> Deleted all copies of openjpa-1.2.1 in .m2 repo
> deleted target directory
> mvn build -> no errors and no openjpa-1.2.1 in repo
> mvn test -> got error but no openjpa-1.2.1 in repo  <- odd result this
> the project is still being seen as jpa 1.0 as the trace reports
> "openjpa.Runtime - Not creating a ValidatorImpl because this app is using
> the JPA 1.0 Spec". I also set <validation-mode>NONE</validation-mode> so
> have no idea where is this error coming from or why.
> It also complains about no load-time weaver which I should not need as I do
> build time enhancing. 
> I have attached the trace file.
> out.txt 
>  - dazzed and confused

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