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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: Open jpa 2.0 and maven build
Date Wed, 10 Mar 2010 20:15:17 GMT
I'm using the latest openjpa-maven-plugin-1.1-SNAPSHOT (you have to
build it yourself) with some junits in OpenJPA trunk and it's working
for me with a 2.0 persistence.xml and openjpa-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT (2.0.0-beta
or 2.0.0-beta2 should work too).  You should be able to use the existing
openjpa-maven-plugin-1.0 as well, with phase=process-classes and
goals=enhance (as the enhancing test classes is only in the unreleased
1.1-SNAPSHOT version.)

>From persistence.xml -
<persistence xmlns=""

>From my pom.xml -
. . .
    . . .
            <!-- new way of using openjpa-maven-plugin to enhance
classes -->



                        <!-- phase used to enhance source
                        <!-- phase used to enhance tests -->
                            <!-- goal used to enhance source
                            <!-- goal used to enhance tests -->
    . . .


On 3/10/10 2:46 PM, Pmoran wrote:
> Thanks for your response. You sure this works and compiles a openJPA 2.0
> project? 
> The openjpa-maven-plugin states that unless you add the openJPA version to
> its configuaration it will default to 1.2.0
> In fact when I set the OPENJPA property openjpa.specification to JPA2.0 I
> get an error saying the project is already 1.0 and cannot be changed to 2.0!
> So maybe my problem is (somehow) I have made my project a project JPA 1.0.
> So my question is how does one (or in this case - me) do this?
> I have also upgrades my persistence.xml to version 2.0 from the original 1.0
> thinking that may be the culprit

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