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Subject Issues using same domain classes in JPA and CXF/JAXB
Date Sat, 12 Dec 2009 22:19:11 GMT
I'm building an app that retrieves data with OpenJPA and tries to
serialize it in xml or json with CXF/JAXB.  I'm using annotations on the
domain class to specify both the logical JPA (not physical) and JAXB
behavior (with the physical JPA in XML config).  In theory I would think
this should work, but in my first test I found that CXF didn't serialize
the object that I retrieved from JPA.

After some thinking, I thought to write some debug code that prints out
the runtime annotations on the class, both for the class of the returned
instance, and the class that it's declared as.  What I found (because I
realized I should have expected this) is that the runtime class didn't
have the required annotations that the declared class did.  When JPA
enhanced the classes, it didn't copy the annotations.

My app currently doesn't use build-time enhancement or the javaagent.  I
can't remember exactly what OpenJPA does in that situation.  I think
it's still enhancing the class, but on demand.

Is this issue with non-copied annotations really an issue, or should I
look elsewhere for why CXF isn't serializing my data (I'm asking a
similar question on the CXF list)?

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