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Subject RE: NoSuchFieldException on field in my domain class
Date Fri, 11 Dec 2009 18:11:43 GMT
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> Sent: Friday, December 11, 2009 10:00 AM
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> Subject: NoSuchFieldException on field in my domain class
> I'm starting slow with a couple of domain classes, each with a couple
> of
> basic attributes, and each with a single OneToMany collection, one
> referencing the other, and the second referencing the same entity.
> I'm trying to have a mix of annotations and XML metadata, by only
> "logical" annotations, and the XML specifies what would have been done
> with the physical annotations.
> When I run the enhancer task, I get a NoSuchFieldException on the
> "basic" element.  The "name" value is the property name in the class.
> Included here are the relevant excerpts of my entity classes,
> persistence.xml, and orm.xml file.  I removed the getters/setters from
> the classes and the package/imports.  I replaced a couple of
> unimportant
> strings in the persistence.xml and orm.xml with "<<...>>>" wrappers.
> At the end I have my build output, showing the NoSuchFieldException.
> I've marked line 14 in the orm.xml file.
> Is there anything obviously wrong here?

One thing I thought to try was running "javap" on the class files
generated by the enhancer.  In those classes, should I see the original
fields I declared in my class?  I do not see them in the javap output.
I see lots of other fields and methods obviously added by the enhancer,
but my original fields are gone.  Is this what it's referring to when it
says that it can't find the field I've specified?

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