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From Himadri <>
Subject Re: How to get selective columns only
Date Tue, 22 Dec 2009 06:28:34 GMT

I tried with the FetchGroup & FetchPlan but it didn't work.  I have an Entity
called Employee(name, DOJ, designation) out of which I want to select only
(name, designation) [DOJ shouldn't get populated in the resultList objects] 

Attaching my code in Session Bean for your reference. 

	public Employee getEmployeeDetails(int empId)
		OpenJPAQuery jpaquery =
OpenJPAPersistence.cast(manager.createQuery("select o from employee o where
id =:a"));
		FetchPlan fetchPlan = jpaquery.getFetchPlan();
		jpaquery.setParameter(1, empId);
		return (Employee)jpaquery.getResultList().get(0);

FetchGroup "empDetails" is defined in Entity class Employee.


Let me know in case you need anything for this.

I configured FetchGroup from the reference of link given below.

Pinaki Poddar wrote:
> Hi,
>   FetchPlan is the right solution fof your requirement. FetchPlan should
> work for this case and has been used by many users so far for more complex
> fetch requirements.
>   May be there are some slight mistakes in how the fetch plans are
> configured/used?
> Himadri wrote:
>> Hi ,
>> I have a requirement to get only selective colums from an Entity and all
>> I want something like 
>> Select , o.dec from Employee o 
>> instead of 
>> Select 0 from Employee o.
>> How can I achive this using openJpa  ? I though FetchPlan is the answer ,
>> where in FetchAttributes will have the columns to be fetched , but it
>> doesnt work. OpenJPA gets all the attributes of the columns not the only
>> selected one?

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