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From "Michael Vorburger" <>
Subject NULL in @Id columns leads to "disappearing" objects
Date Wed, 11 Nov 2009 17:56:54 GMT
Hello again!

We are working with an existing ('legacy') DB schema where columns which
are part of a "logical" (there is no physical PRIMARY KEY CONSTRAINT)
composed primary key (mapped in JPA via an @IdClass) CAN BE NULL.
Neither the JPA Spec nor any OpenJPA documentation says that this is not
permitted or requires that all @Id field never be null...

... but OpenJPA "looses" such objects when mapping in ResultSets - i.e.
you get Query result Lists containing null elements!  Attached is a
small test case project, hopefully illustring this well (if the ZIP
makes it through the list?).

Any ideas how to "work-around" this on the (Open)JPA side (assume I
can't do much about the 10 year old legacy schema installed 120 client
sites :) ?  Can you think of any other mapping approaches than a
straightforward @IdClass as shown in the attached example? Otherwise...
do you confirm / agree that this is a bug? Easy to fix?? ;)

Regards & lot's of thanks for feedbacks,
Michael Vorburger


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