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From HaricotBean <>
Subject Re: OpenJPA1.2.2 - NativeQuery - IN clause
Date Tue, 01 Sep 2009 14:10:45 GMT

Thanks to all.

I did try the Collection<String> approach but OpenJPA generates an error and
complains about the underlying type (ArrayList, HashSet, etc.) being an
invalid type for th expression.  Not being familiar with the OpenJPA source
I took a quick look at fisheye for
org.apache.openjpa.persistence.query.ArrayExpression and it seems to suggest
that it expects an String[].  That failed to produce the expect results.

In the end I fell back to generating the sql string manually and abandoning
NamedQuery, e.g:

private static String mostRefersType = "select count(e.eid), e.* from Entity
e, Property p where e.eid=p.refersTo and p.type IN ( #### ) group by e.eid
order by count(e.eid) desc;";

public static List<EntityHolder> findMostUsed(Registry registry,
Collection<String> types, int limit) {
  sql = mostRefersType.replace("####", asString(types));
  q = registry.getEntityManager().createNativeQuery(sql, "MostUsedResults");
  list = (List<Object[]>) q.getResultList();

    private static String asString(Collection<String> types) {
        StringBuffer typesAsString = new StringBuffer();
        int i = 0;
        for (String type : types) {
            if ( typesAsString.length() > 0 ) typesAsString.append(",");
        return typesAsString.toString();

This approach works fine.  I have to assume that there is either a bug in
the Native Named Query processing or some requirement that isnt very well


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