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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: openJPA generates select per row - impossible to use for simple select statements
Date Wed, 22 Jul 2009 10:37:03 GMT
Kevin Sutter on 21/07/09 14:42, wrote:
> For those of you interested, here are the details on this problem and what's
> required to reproduce it.  I will be opening a JIRA and posting a testcase
> shortly.
> Requirements...
> o  Your Entity needs to have an attribute that OpenJPA wrappers with a
> proxy.  This proxy is used to detect changes to these object types.  Example
> object types that OpenJPA wrappers are Calendar (culprit for this scenario),
> Date, Collection, and Map.
> o  In the Setter method for the proxied attribute, you must modify the value
> getting set.  In this scenario, the Calendar object was being modified in
> the setDate method via the set() method.

I thought putting code in your entities' setters and getters was considered bad 
practice. Are you saying that there is much code in OpenJPA to cater for this 
kind of thing?


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