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From Roger Varley <>
Subject Re: [Newbie] OPenJPA (1.2.1) Enhancement woes
Date Tue, 16 Jun 2009 11:49:12 GMT
2009/6/16 Michael Dick <>:
> Hi,
> I have very little (and very out of date) experience with Netbeans. Could
> you post the ant task that you're using to run the Enhancer?
> My guess is that the class files are enhanced but are written somewhere
> outside the normal Netbeans classpath, or you need to trigger a classpath
> refresh in Netbeans (I'm assuming you're running in NB).
> One way to tell whether the class has been enhanced is to run javap on it.
> For example :
> $ javap -classpath . org.apache.openjpa.persistence.simple.Person
> public class org.apache.openjpa.persistence.simple.Person extends
> java.lang.Object *implements org.apache.openjpa.enhance.PersistenceCapable*{
> If the class implements PersistenceCapable then the enhancer has run and
> it's ready for use.
> Hope this helps, maybe someone on the list with more experience with
> Netbeans can offer some advice.
> -mike

Hi Mike

Thanks for the quick response. Below is my ant script (relevant
section) from the project build.xml and
the output from javap on one of my entity classes which seems to
suggest that the enhanced classes are not where I think they should

--------------------------------- Ant Task ---------------------------------

<property name="jpa-home"

    <path id="jpa.classpath">
        <pathelement path="${jpa-home}/openjpa-1.2.1.jar"/>
        <fileset dir="${jpa-home}/lib">
            <include name="*.jar"/>

    <taskdef name="openjpac"
        <classpath refid="jpa.classpath"/>

   <target name="-post-compile" >
<!--       <target name="jpa-enhance" depends="compile"> -->
       <echo message="Enhancer Running"/>
       <property name="jpa-home"

        <!-- classpath where the tool look for classes to
enhance. This is the default location in a NB project
directory layout where classes are built -->
            <!-- I put it in here. See below the
persistence.xml file -->
 <fileset dir="./src">
    <include name="**/entities/*.java"/>



------- End Ant Task --------

------ Begin Javap Output -----

Compiled from ""
public class com.blackbox.flashloader.entities.Ecu extends
java.lang.Object implements{
    protected com.blackbox.flashloader.entities.EcuPK ecuPK;
    public com.blackbox.flashloader.entities.Ecu();
    public com.blackbox.flashloader.entities.Ecu(com.blackbox.flashloader.entities.EcuPK);
    public com.blackbox.flashloader.entities.Ecu(com.blackbox.flashloader.entities.EcuPK,
java.lang.String, java.lang.String, char);
    public com.blackbox.flashloader.entities.Ecu(java.lang.String,
    public com.blackbox.flashloader.entities.EcuPK getEcuPK();
    public void setEcuPK(com.blackbox.flashloader.entities.EcuPK);
    public java.lang.String getDescription();
    public void setDescription(java.lang.String);
    public java.lang.String getNetwork();
    public void setNetwork(java.lang.String);
    public char getFitment();
    public void setFitment(char);
    public java.util.Collection getPartsLinkCollection();
    public void setPartsLinkCollection(java.util.Collection);
    public com.blackbox.flashloader.entities.Model getModel();
    public void setModel(com.blackbox.flashloader.entities.Model);
    public java.util.Collection getEcuDataIdentifiersCollection();
    public void setEcuDataIdentifiersCollection(java.util.Collection);
    public int hashCode();
    public boolean equals(java.lang.Object);
    public java.lang.String toString();

---- End Javap Output ----

> On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 5:55 AM, B.L. Zeebub <>wrote:
>> Hi
>> I've just spent the last three days wrestling with the enhancer and I'm now
>> ready to throw the computer out of a fifth floor window. I spent the first
>> day or so wrestling with error messages trying to set-up the ant enhancer
>> task in Netbeans 6.5.1/Linux (Debian Lenny). (Googling for examples brought
>> up many examples that were all slightly different and none of them actually
>> worked until I got lucky). I finally got the process to run without falling
>> over. I then tried to run my first program. Next problem was that when the
>> program tried to create the EntityManagerFactory the program would crash
>> messages similair to "Caused by: <openjpa-1.2.1-r752877:753278 fatal user
>> error> org.apache.openjpa.persistence.ArgumentException: The type "class
>> com.mydomain.flashloader.entities.DataIdentifiersPK" has not been
>> enhanced."
>> I've finally resolved that - I used Netbeans create entities from database
>> facility. Netbeans created a class for every table in the database and a
>> classPK file for every table that has multi-column primary keys. However,
>> it
>> only put the table class entities into the persistance.xml and omitted the
>> classPK files. So I added all the classPK classes into persistance xml,
>> rebuilt the project and now my program starts, creates the
>> EntityManagerFactory without crashing.
>> However, I'm left with a message during startup "1120  FlashLoaderPU  INFO
>> [main] openjpa.Enhance - Creating subclass for "[<every entity and entityPK
>> in the database listed here>]" This means that your application will be
>> less
>> efficient and will consume more memory than it would if you ran the OpenJPA
>> enhancer. Additionally, lazy loading will not be available for one-to-one
>> and many-to-one persistent attributes in types using field access; they
>> will
>> be loaded eagerly instead."
>> So I seem to have spent the last three days going around in a complete
>> circle. I would be extremely grateful for any pointers as to what on earth
>> is going on.
>> Regards
>> --
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