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From Prodoc <>
Subject Re: Enhancing entities: getting desperate
Date Wed, 20 May 2009 14:20:36 GMT

Kevin Sutter wrote:
> The doPrivileged call is used for Java2 Security permission checking.  If
> you are not running with Java2 Security enabled, then this turns into
> "noise".  I'm assuming you are not running with Java2 Security.

You are right, I'm not running with Java2 Security.

Kevin Sutter wrote:
> As you can see, we need to get access to the declared methods of the given
> Class.  And, we will recursively call this method to go up the Class
> heirarchy.  It would seem that something in your Entity definition is
> using
> this org/w3c/dom/svg/SVGDocument Class.  Either directly or indirectly.
> And, as Rick has pointed out, this Class would need to be available for
> the
> PCEnhancing process to be successful.

Rick, Kevin: Many thanks, adding the librabry to the classpath did the
trick. I'm finally able to actually use OpenJPA now.

The fact that it goes through all the librabry classes used elsewhere, is
this also the reason why the enhancement process takes quite some time to
At first I was affraid that it that enhancer was enhancing all class files,
not just the classes to persist, because of the access requirement of other
libraries and the time it takes to enhance. I assume that this isn't the
case? Is there a way to check which classes are/where actually enhanced?

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