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From Chandra Sarath <>
Subject Re: OpenJpa, and DB2 shared lock
Date Wed, 22 Apr 2009 16:14:50 GMT

Hi Kevin,

Thank you very much Kevin for your reply. Here are the answers (in Italic
bold) to your questions..


Kevin Sutter wrote:
> Hi Chandra,
> I don't have an answer for you yet, just more questions at this point...
> :-)
> o  What version of OpenJPA are you running with?
> We are using version 1.2.0. What is recommended version? please let me
> know.
> o  When you mention WAS v6.1, is this with or without the EJB3 Feature
> Pack?
> Yes we are. 
> o  The update scenario...  I'm assuming you are doing a find() operation
> on
> an existing record.  Are you doing this within an EntityTransaction?  I'm
> asking since if you are doing your update on this object while it is
> managed
> (part of the current persistence context), then there is no need to do a
> merge() operation.  The merge() is for bringing detached entities into a
> persistence context (managed state).  Just a clarification, I don't think
> this is causing the problem.
> No. We are not doing find() before merge(). Since out parent and child
> objects are huge (100s of columns), we just set all fields sent by client
> in Entity class and do a entityManager.merge(Object parent).
> o  Are you setting any other openjpa.* properties?  Or, are you running
> with
> the default runtime options?  For example, optimistic locking is the
> default
> JPA mechanism, but OpenJPA also provides a pessimistic lock manager.  Any
> additional information on your environment?
> No we are not setting any extra properties other than these below. We set
> these properties in Spring config file.
> 					${db.schema}
> 					DefaultLevel=ERROR, Runtime=ERROR, Tool=ERROR, SQL=ERROR 
> 					true
> 					dynamic
> 					${db.dictonary}
> for the same lock mechanism (default one) its comes out after the time out
> for inserts
> but not with the updates on same table. Our dba can clearly see the same
> update request
> coming in to DB2 for every timeout seconds.
> o  Off the top of my head, I am not aware of any retry logic within the
> OpenJPA code.  If a transaction fails, I'm pretty sure that we just pass
> that back to the app and let them deal with it.  Have you verified that
> your
> app isn't accidentally retrying upon failure?  (Have to ask.)
> I'm sure App is not doing it unless Websphere (datasource/non xa driver)
> is doing which I think it will not..
> o  Do you have more information on the exceptions received and any related
> call stacks?  If not, the next step might be to turn on Trace and see what
> processing is happening.
> For inserts its just comes out and we can see the service failing.. But
> for updates it didn't happen. Turning trace on is  our next step if we do
> not have much info. We don't have a local Websphere installed. Our
> development servers are used by multiple systems. 
> Good luck!
> Kevin
> On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 4:22 AM, Chandra Sarath  wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We use OpenJpa, DB2 and Websphere 6.1. We have created a Datasource in
>> Websphere console that connects DB2 using a non-xa driver.
>> We were testing our application about how it rolls back the data when
>> there
>> is a shared lock in a table. we have following scenarios. We have also
>> set
>> a
>> Timeout of 30 seconds in Datasource/connection properties.
>>  1. Insert a record in a read only (Shared lock).
>>  2. Update a record in read only table (Shared lock).
>>  For Scenario 1, after 30 seconds application times out and gives us
>> proper
>> error. But for scenario 2, it goes in infinite
>>  loop and tries to update Database for every 30 secs, and it never stops
>> trying to.
>>  Is there any extra property that we need to set in Jpa level or
>> Datasource
>> level so application can timeout after 30 seconds?
>>  we use entityManager.persist() for inserts and entityManager.merge() for
>> updates. Can someone help us on this?
>> Thank you!
>> Chandra
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