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From Pinaki Poddar <>
Subject Re: Eclipse Plugin for openJPA -> Enhancement incorrect
Date Fri, 17 Apr 2009 15:45:19 GMT

  The plug-in merely invokes enhancer on classes as part of incremental or batch compilation
phase of Eclipse. Does the result vary if the project is cleaned and rebuilt? (just trying
to find out whether the error is introduced by incremental compilation). 

  Few other people had reported using the plug-in. But they had not reported such error. That
is why I am wondering if enhancement is broken so badly as you have reported then whether
their dev project could have worked at all. 

My current bandwidth is pretty overloaded to probe it in near future, but if someone can verify
this reported erroneous behavior will be really helpful. 

  At the time of writing the plug-in, I had pondered over the decision to package a fixed
version of OpenJPA libraries with the plugin itself. A more flexible scenario should allow
the user to chose an option of using the plug-in with a OpenJPA version different than what
the plug-in contains. But given that the plugin was my first ever (novice) attempt to understand
how Eclipse plug-in framework works and also to ease the enhancement process -- I have postponed
that possibility.  


I'm currently trying to use the Eclipse Plugin provided at
Unfortunately, this uses the new 2.0 SNAPSHOT with seems to have some 
issues in enhancing the persistent classes. Only primitive types are 
enhanced at all. All @OneToOne or @OneToMany Relationships are completely 

In case I do the enhancement by myself using the PCEnhancer, the files are 
correctly enhanced, so I'm unsure what the Plugin is doing differently. 

Here is an example of what the Plugin does (decompiled)

public void setBranche(Branche branche) {
    this.branche = branche;

  public Branche getBranche() {
    return this.branche;

and what the PCEnhancer does correctly:

 public void setBranche(Branche branche) {
    pcSetbranche(this, branche);

  public Branche getBranche() {
    return pcGetbranche(this);

Any suggestions in this direction?



PS: Does anybody know a good Howto on setting up openJPA 1.2 or the 
nightly build of 2.0 on a Websphere 6.1 + EJB3 FP? It's really a pain to 
circumvent the existing openJPA 1.0.4-SNAPSHOP in there. I've tried a lot 
and I can't manage to make IBM's code NOT interfere with my own JPA 

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Pinaki Poddar            
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