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From Paul Copeland <>
Subject Best practice for LAZY OneToMany
Date Sat, 28 Mar 2009 19:06:21 GMT
Here is a naive question about a OneToMany relationship.  This is 
probably a basic question.

I have a lazily fetched List.  It might be large and I don't want to 
load it until it is accessed.

In a transaction - If I create and persist a new Entity that is a member 
of the list, I think (is this right?) the new uncommited persistent 
Entity will be loaded into that List when the list is first accessed.  
So I do not need to explicitly call List.add(newEntity) which would 
force the List to be loaded.

But if do access the List for some reason and then create and persist a 
second Entity the List will be out of date unless I explicitly add the 
new Entity to the list.

Hope that makes sense - Perhaps what I am looking for is a way to detect 
if the List has already been fetched before I explicitly call 

Here are my related Entities (not sure if this is correct or not).  The 
scenario is that I am creating new Members that are members of  the List 
in Master.

public class Master implements
. . .

    @OneToMany(mappedBy="master", fetch=FetchType.LAZY,
        private List<Member> members;

    public List<Member> getMembers() { return members; }

public class Member implements
    @ManyToOne (optional=false, fetch=FetchType.LAZY,
        private Master master;

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