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From Marc Logemann>
Subject Re: FilterListener again
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2009 17:29:34 GMT

ok, since feebdack on this one doesnt seem to work out and i only  
found fragments of a functionality i was sure that is in the current  
release of openJPA, i found out that FilterListener was just dropped  
out in terms of features (it was there when this product was called  

There "was" a documentation regarding all this which you can see here:

But as it seems, nobody cared so far to implement this in the current  
JPQL parser. And thats where the fun starts because i always thought  
that a Kodo->OpenJPA migration is a no brainer. Its really sad because  
the backend site of this feature (Filter Extensions) should be there  
and only because the JPQL parser (compared to the JDO Parser back in  
Kodo) does only understand the default JPA spec grammar, its left out.

IMO this was a brilliant feature of Kodo. So this a hughe step  
backwards.... I will checkout if MethodQL helps me somehow.  
Interessting that noone (especial no Kodo user) ever mentioned this in  
the list. Cant be that i am the only one using some more advanced  
Query features of Kodo.

Marc Logemann

Am 03.03.2009 um 01:37 schrieb Marc Logemann:

> Hi,
> unfortunately i got no response on my last thread:
> Is there nobody who can help me out with FilterListener aka custom  
> Functions in JPQL ? There is definitely no docs on them and no  
> discussions at all....
> I have a query which looks like this:
>        Query query = em.createQuery("select d from DP_PLZ_DA d where  
> " +
>        "(d.plz = ?1 and lower(d.oname24) = ?2) or (d.plz = ?1 and  
> d.oname24.ext:soundex(?3))")
> the soundex() function is my custom FilterListener but no matter how  
> i try to call this custom function, the JPQL Parser just jumps into  
> my head and complaining about the JPQL syntax.
> Is there anyone on this planet who knows how to trigger custom  
> functions like these?
> A little bit scaring is that there is almost no community support on  
> OpenJPA. Is IBM the only using it? :-)
> Marc

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