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From Shubbis <>
Subject Re: Slow performance with OpenJPA when selecting from a ManyToMany relation.
Date Wed, 18 Mar 2009 09:07:56 GMT

Todays update, for those who are interested. ;)

I've uninstalled all JRE, JDK, SDK etc all java dirs have been deleted and
I've reinstalled everything (related to java) and downloaded Eclipse
Ganymede, I installed the latest nightly build of OpenJPA and made a fresh
new project, I even copied the project from home and imported it, still no
luck with the resulting time.

Now, here's the kicker. I exported to a runnable jar file and ran it on a
Debian linux server, the same one that runs our MySQL server, and it took 5~
sec. to complete 500 iterations. So half the time, but still not close to
good enough..

I just don't get it!



Paul Copeland wrote:
> What is different abut your laptop at home vs. multiple computers at 
> work?  Are they all connected to the same network?
> On 3/17/2009 11:30 AM, Shubbis wrote:
>> Ok, I still dont know what the problem is, but it seems like its not
>> OpenJPA's fault (i think).
>> I just took the whole project home with me, and installed it on my own
>> laptop in a new workspace, and what do you know.. It took 2.3 sec.
>> compared
>> to the 12-15 sec.
>> Now, I still don't know the root of the cause, since we have tried it on
>> multiple computers at work, but at least this confirms that the project
>> itself is working.
>> Btw Pinaki, your plugin works perfect with MyEclipse 7.1.1 aswell. FYI.
>> Nice
>> work ;)
>> Shubbis
>> PS: adding the project if anyone wants to see. This is without all Ant
>> and
>> OpenJPA jar files as they were to big to upload here.
>> Pinaki Poddar wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>>> Maybe someone could post an example of their build.xml file so that i
>>>> could try it. See if maybe its my 
>>>> enhancing thats the problem.
>>>   If you are an Eclipse IDE user, you can try a plugin [1] that keeps
>>> your
>>> classes enhanced always. Or you may be better of with Ant builds as Mike
>>> had provided. 
>>>   In either case, Enhancer displays log messages and running it twice
>>> perhaps will confirm -- because second time it will say: 'class X is
>>> already persistence-capable. Ignoring...' etc.  
>>> [1]

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