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Subject Re: How to get beter stacktraces????
Date Mon, 23 Feb 2009 23:24:34 GMT
Pid wrote:
> kurt_cobain wrote:
>> I'm having a very difficult time with OpenJPA (via weblogic).
>> I often get a strack trace that doesn't help me at all, it just looks like
>> this:
>> "org.apache.openjpa.util.StoreException: The transaction has been rolled
>> back.  See the nested exceptions for details on the errors that occurred."
>> And yet, there ARE no more details on the error.  I've been able to figure
>> out a couple of the issues by basically feeling around in the dark and
>> guessing, but is there ANY way to get better error messages than that?
>> Please advise...
> You could add debugging messages to the source code & recompile it.
> Of course, you might be better off asking on the OpenJPA list...

Erm, which of course is this one.
It's late, and I was also reading mail from a couple of other lists.
Apologies & please ignore.


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