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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: Eclipse - javaagent enhancement
Date Sun, 01 Feb 2009 16:34:18 GMT
Kevin Sutter on 30/01/09 18:23, wrote:
> There are many advantages to the enhancement processing.  Overall, our
> performance is better with byte-code enhancement.  The industry benchmarks
> seem to back up this claim.
> But, where we would like to get is to do the bytecode enhancement without
> any special options or processing by the user.  The Java 6 feature for class
> redefinition may give us that possibility.  We would like to automatically
> detect whether enhancement has been specified and, if it hasn't, insert our
> enhancement processing into the classloading mechanism automatically.  Prior
> to Java 6, we had to rely on the javaagent parameter, or the app server's
> container hooks, or static enhancement.  Hopefully, Java 6 will allow us to
> improve on this processing.
> Hope this helps explain.  We have some of the same concerns and are looking
> to improve on them.

Thanks v. much for the info. Most interesting, although I'll only know after a 
couple of months of progress with my project what relevance that has to what I'm 

Initially I'd rather not have to restrict the project to Java 6, but then if the 
load tests with non-Sun JREs uncovers a blitz-schnell JRE, it wouldn't be a 

However I don't think the chances of that are so great and it won't be good to 
demand that users have to have Java 6.

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