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From "Jaeger, Michael" <>
Subject dual node URLs (of SolidDB)
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2008 12:41:34 GMT
Hi all,

we know that soliddb is not among the supported databases of OpenJPA.
Thus we would like place our experience with soliddb + openjpa to
discussion (if support for SolidDB is anticipated).

The main reason why we use soliddb is its hot-standby-feature. For
setting up hot standby, just pass the JDBC driver a dual node URL.
Solidtech has decided to separate the adresses of two nodes by a comma
where normally a single host is named. looks like this:


so the point with OpenJPA here is that properties are separated by ","
as well, so the rest of the URL is cut away then:


We have patched this (Configurations.parseProperties()), simply inject
the complete URL at some later point again. 

Clearly, the support for malformed URLs can be put into question. thus,
on first hand, take our e-mail as feedback where one major point would
come up when using SolidDB. We have had also some other issue which we
fixed with a custom dictionary. In summary our experience with using
openjpa + soliddb is very positive apart from the fundamental issue with
the dual node URL.

- Michael

PS. the warning message when using a dictionary not belonging to the
right package is also not very nice and here on our site has disturbed
the developers. anyone experience with this one?

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