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From Fay Wang <>
Subject duplicate persistent field names in the embeddable
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2008 19:58:53 GMT
     If an embeddable contains persistent field names which clashes with other persistent
field names (either in the owner class, other embeddables, or nested embeddables), openjpa
currently maps these fields to the same column, resulting in lost data in some situation or
SQL exception in others. JIRA-793 is open to fix this problem. The patch attached in this
JIRA is to detect name clashes and throw an exception. In most cases, application developers
can either change the field name or use @AttributeOverrides to change the column name as a
workaround. However, in situations that involved inheritance or multiple embeddable instances
of the same type, there is no workaround:

(1) in the case of inheritance: see
    org.apache.openjpa.persistence.embed.Address (Entity),
    org.apache.openjpa.persistence.embed.BaseEntity (MappedSuperclass),
    org.apache.openjpa.persistence.embed.Geocode (Embeddable)

    Both Address and Geocode inherits from BaseEntity. Address contains Geocode. This results
in the same field name for the embeddable (Geocode) and entity class (Address). 

(2) in the case of multiple embeddables of the same type:
    Suppose EntityA contains:
       private Embeddable1 embedObj1;
       private Embeddable1 embedObj2;
Throwing an exception in these situations can prevent data loss or sql error from occurring,
but leave the application no way to fix the problem. However, it is not appropriate for openjpa
to provide unique column names automatically without applications knowing it. 

    To address this issue, one proposal is to make this an option which can be configured
by adding an openjpa property, say,   openjpa.jdbc.createUniqueColumnNameIfNameClashes (any
other idea?). 

    If this option is on, and there is name clash, openjpa will automatically create unique
column names for the duplicate field names. If this option is off, and there is name clash,
an exception will be thrown. 

    It is likely this proposal may break some existing applications, which may either need
to change the field name, use @AttributeOverrides, or turn openjpa.jdbc.createUniqueColumnNameIfNameClashes

    Any suggestions on the resolution of this issue is mostly appreciated. 



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