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From Ruslan <>
Subject Foreign key field doesn't get populated in descendant class in Join Inheritance
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2008 09:55:08 GMT
Hi guys.

Looks  like I'm having trouble confirming my email here. Let's try one
more time... Sorry if you saw two messages.

I  have  a  question  about  join  table inheritance. In few words the
problem  is that foreign key field doesn't get set in descendant class
in Join Inheritance.

I have 3 tables: authors, books and electronic_books.

Here is SQL script:


In  my  test  case I have one author who has 3 books - 2 regular books
and one electronic.

When I fetch that single instance of AuthorsEntity I see that for some
reason   field   of   instance   of   an   object
ElectronicBooksEntity  equals  null. But remaining 2 instances of base
class  BooksEntity have properly set 'author'. Initially I thought ALL
fields   of   base   class   won't   be   set   but   it   turns   out  and  ElectronicBooksEntity.title  have valid

Am I missing something in definition of my descendant class ?


/ Ruslan

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