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From "Jeremy Bauer" <>
Subject Re: How to annotate a positional List
Date Wed, 08 Oct 2008 22:28:37 GMT
Hi Kevin,

I was surprised to see updates in your SQL output, since you are
simply adding and removing entries from the list.  My test (also using
OpenJPA 1.2.0) did not produce any update statements, only inserts and
deletes.  From the SQL appears that the data field is changing between
commits?  If you could post a new version of your test code, that may
help - including entity classes, if those have changed.  Also, do you
have any extra Oracle dictionary related or other openjpa properties
beyond the standard datasource config properties in your

PS, I haven't dug into the optimistic lock exception yet.  I'll post
as soon as I have any details.


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