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From David Goodenough <>
Subject when is longvarchar used?
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2008 14:20:40 GMT
In the DB Dictionaries (in particular the one for Postgresql) there are 
two VARCHAR types, one longVarcharTypeName and the other 
varcharTypeName.  The first maps to TEXT and second to VARCHAR{0}.

My question is, when it longVarchar used rather than varchar?  

In my setup I start from an Entity declaration (annotated) and I tell OpenJPA
to generate the schema.  So I suppose my real question is what to I have to
code (presumably an annotation) to get a longVarchar not a varchar.  I know
I can map the DB column type explicitly, but would rather do it through the
mapping if I can to maintain some vestige of DB transparency.

Actually I would rather than for this application all String types were mapped
to TEXT (i.e. longVarchar).  Can I provide a local DBDictionary extending the
Postgresql one (how would I code it), and then how do I tell OpenJPA to use 


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