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From John VanAntwerp <>
Subject OpenJPA in WebSphere clustered environment
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2008 21:37:40 GMT

Does anyone have experience running JPA in a WebSphere cluster?  We're using
IBM's feature pack that includes what is essentially JPA 1.0.1.

The problem we are seeing is that code that will work fine on a single
server begins to get errors on entities that specify InheritenceType.JOINED. 
The queries fail to join some of the data from the inherited tables and put
a NULL in the field instead of the data.  This does not happen every time,
but appears to be ~15% of the transactions.  This is making us think there
there may be some caching or synchronization issue that is causing us

I am wondering if there is some property that has to be set for the
EntityManagerFactory to correctly operate in the clustered environment, or
if we are missing something.

We are running WebSphere 6.1, fix pack .15 and have Oracle10g RAC for the

Thanks for any help you can give us!
- John
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