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From Georgi Naplatanov <>
Subject Re: Cache Problem
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2008 14:55:11 GMT
Hello, egoosen.

Do you can prepare a test case which reproduce this problem ?

In case you can do this, please open an issue report on Jira.

I had similar problem, but can not localize the problem and create a
test case.

Best regards

egoosen wrote:
> I'm experiencing a cache problem with the current version of OpenJPA (1.2.0),
> and previous versions.
> I've setup the cache as follows in persistence.xml:
> <property name="openjpa.DataCache"
> 				value="true(CacheSize=25000, SoftReferenceSize=0)" />
> <property name="openjpa.QueryCache"
> 				value="CacheSize=5000, SoftReferenceSize=100" />
> <property name="openjpa.RemoteCommitProvider" value="sjvm"/>
> We're using Spring JpaDaoSupport.
> The org.springframework.orm.jpa.LocalEntityManagerFactoryBean is Spring
> loaded.
> The problem is that my query is returning stale data after an update/insert.
> The update/insert is happening in a separate transaction from the select.
> I've tried calling em.refresh(entity), but that didn't work.
> Any ideas how I can fix this besides turning cacheing off completely?

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