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From "Michael Vorburger" <>
Subject RE: Fetch Group questions
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2008 10:34:08 GMT

Finally extending slightly beyond my previous "Wow" only response (thanks, amazing turn around!)

>  Let me know if you can try the recent changes and whether it addresses your use case.

I built a 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT from SVN and hereby confirm it addresses the use case initially posted;
and  Once again, thanks a lot for your
follow-up and this improvement.

Working further on our stuff using Fetch Groups (basically a 'model-driven' layer on top -
one day I should make some slides about this...), we have come up with another fun use case
though, a similar scenario as before, something where the current OpenJPA FetchGroup API appears
too limited / not fine-grained enough.  Here is an example:

class B { String name; String address; }
class A { B mother; B child; }

Now suppose one would like to build a fetch group with only "child"'s name and "mother"'s
address. If you use a fetch plan with the following fields:

addField(A.class, child)
addField(B.class, name)
addField(A.class, mother)
addField(B.class, address)

the result would be {A.child,, A.child.address, B.mother,, B.mother.address}...
unless I'm missing something, it doesn't currently seem possible to avoid to fetch A.child.address
and, agreed?  

I guess from an API point of view, you would need to be able to specify addField(A.class, and addField(A.class, mother.address)?  There are probably other ways one could
build an API allowing configuring this, but allowing "relationship traversal" in FetchGroups
would seem most natural, to me.  However I'm not sure what this would imply OpenJPA internally
for you? Is a solution feasible?

BTW: Does anybody know if the JPA 2.0 JSR includes an OpenJPA FetchGroup-like API into the
standard JPA API?  If yes, hopefully it will cover the kind of stuff we're discussing here!


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From: Pinaki Poddar [] 
Sent: lundi, 25. août 2008 19:21
Subject: RE: Fetch Group questions

Hi Michael,
  Yes, the field inclusion in fetch group is determined by the field's name with the declaring
class and not by the defining class. 

 The recent commit 688777, adds the behavior you want. So 
   FetchPlan.addField(A.class, "b");
   FetchPlan.addField(B.class, "code");
 should fetch {A.b, A.b.code} but not {A.code}.

 I have added a JIRA issue to track [1].

 Let me know if you can try the recent changes and whether it addresses your use case.

 Regards --


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