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From "Kevin Sutter" <>
Subject Re: Problem with openjpa enhancer - using runtime enhancement
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2008 14:41:55 GMT
 Recently, I found an obscure problem with the IBM JDK when using the
javaagent enhancement, but I don't see how this would apply to this
situation. You end up with a nasty exception from the Java runtime, and I
would think you would have mentioned that...

Other than than, I am not aware of any differences between the two forms of

One idea is to ensure that the -javaagent is really taking effect. Besides
these two enhancement mechanisms, there is a third fallback mechanism. This
fallback mechanism is not quite "ready for production" and I would recommend
turning it off. We do that for WebSphere.

openjpa.RuntimeUnenhancedClasses=unsupported  (along with your -javaagent

This can be specified as a property in their persistence.xml or as a java
command line parameter (-Dxxx=yyy).

If you are accidentally falling into this third style of enhancement, then
you will get an error about a particular entity not being enhanced and your
processing will quit.  At least this will show whether you are using your
-javaagent like you expected.

Do you have a simple testcase that you could share to demonstrate the


On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 4:34 AM, Gareth Davies <>

> Hi
> Openjpa 1.1.0
> I am having a problem with runtime enhancement on my persistent
> entities.  Runtime enhancement completes during my test phase using the
> openejb 3.0 javaagent, but when the unit tests run I have problems
> relating to merges using the entityManager.  The id field does not seem
> to be generated correctly it seems to be giving it a 0 value rather than
> the next available id and it doesn't actually seem to be inserting into
> the database.  I have tried the same build process using build time
> enhancement and all the tests pass (I would use build time enhancement
> but having tried it during the build with the openjpa-maven-plugin,
> which seems to only support openjpa 0.9.6, my command line is too long
> ~16100 characters and Windows limit is 8192, I had to resort to a batch
> file).
> Has anyone else had any issues with this, or are there difference
> between runtime and build time enhancement that are causing these
> failures.
> Also if anyone has any ideas about getting the build time enhancement to
> run as part of a maven build without using the openjpa-maven-plugin that
> would be great.
> Thanks
> Gareth Davies

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