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From Andy Schlaikjer <>
Subject Re: update always called on commits (still)
Date Wed, 07 May 2008 18:29:53 GMT
Just to clarify, I believe there are three possible enhancement scenarios:

1. build-time enhancement - running 
org.apache.openjpa.enhance.PCEnhancer over your bytecode before you run 
your app.

2. runtime enhancement - giving the "-javaagent=openjpa.jar" argument to 
the JVM when you run your app.

3. unenhanced - neither 1 nor 2.

Have you observed this problem in all three scenarios? Just (2) or (3)?

Tedman Leung wrote:
> well, yes I'm running int "unenhanced" or in "runtime enhancement", 
> however, I thought at was a valid way of running the system. I didn't find 
> any documentation saying not to use that mode and it was much more 
> "convenient" so I chose that route.
> On Wed, May 07, 2008 at 07:30:49PM +0200, Michael Vorburger wrote:
>> I'm sure it's not that simple, but you aren't maybe by chance not using
>> enhancement (build or that -javaagent) and relying on the OpenJPA
>> feature that allows to run even unenhanced in some kind of degraded mode
>> (there is a log at the beginning if you're in that mode), and we noticed
>> that "change tracking" seems very unreliable in that mode, and you
>> easily get unncessarry SQL UPDATE statements.  Note also the
>> If you're sure you're enhancing (correctly; not e.g. having Eclipse
>> overwrite your .class), this is surely something else; sorry.
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>> From: Tedman Leung [] 
>> Sent: mercredi, 7. mai 2008 19:12
>> To:
>> Subject: update always called on commits (still)
>> Hi  while back we had a discussion on updates (or more specifically
>> preupdates) always being called even when no changes where made.
>> I noticed there was an issue OPENJPA-506 openned for this and currently
>> closed - but this still occurs.
>> Both anotated @PreUpdate methods as well as updates are always called
>> even on read only operations.
>> Does anyone know if this is considered an open issue or a fixed issue?
>> I'm running OpenJPA 1.1 checkout from SVN on April 28th, 2008 which is
>> long after the fixed date of Feb 1 2008.
>> This is now causing me even worst problems due to a recent change in my
>> application where I switched from using @PreUpdate to @Version to keep
>> track of the last updated time of an object. Previously the lastUpdated
>> field was useless because it was just the last time some one read the
>> object, now it's throwing OptimisticLockException because requests are
>> thinking some one else updated the object (when in reality it was just
>> readonly).
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