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From Ognjen Blagojevic <>
Subject Re: Synchronizing two databases with the same model
Date Mon, 05 May 2008 08:56:01 GMT
I agree. I also need to fallback to native SQL when migrating data, just 
because we would like to preserve primary keys.


Andy Schlaikjer wrote:
> Jonas,
> I'm glad you asked this question as I'd also been thinking about how I 
> might get around restrictions the @GeneratedValue annotation enforces 
> within OpenJPA.
> In certain circumstances I need to specify the value of a field marked 
> with @GeneratedValue explicitly when persisting a new entity instance. 
> I'd hoped that perhaps "merge" semantics would differ from "persist" 
> semantics with respect to this constraint, but it seems (quite 
> logically) that the constraint is applied uniformly to all entity 
> life-cycle operations.
> For the time being I've had to fall back on JDBC to persist new data, 
> but it'd be great if there were a way to signal to OpenJPA that a field 
> marked with GeneratedValue may be explicitly defined for certain 
> operations, like merge or persist.
> Andy
> Jonas Petersen wrote:
>> Hi Brill,
>> thanks for replying. The thing is, that only certain parts (e.g. an 
>> entity with certain id including child objects) have to get 
>> synchronized at the time by demand of a content editor.
>> The datastore is mysql 5.
>> Jonas
>> Brill Pappin schrieb:
>>> Actually, the most obvious approach is not to write some special 
>>> code, but
>>> simply enable replication and don't worry about trying to get OJPA to 
>>> sync.
>>> What kind of database is it (most popular db's have replication of 
>>> one sort
>>> or another)?
>>> - Brill Pappin
>>> -----Original Message-----
>>> From: Jonas Petersen [] Sent: Wednesday, 
>>> April 30, 2008 3:25 PM
>>> To:
>>> Subject: Synchronizing two databases with the same model
>>> Hi there!
>>> We have one data model and we need two datastores with that same data 
>>> model.
>>> Datastore A for editing and previewing and datastore B for production
>>> (live).
>>> Now we need to synchronize parts of datastore A to datastore B.
>>> The most obvious approach would be: fetch objects from datastore A (and
>>> possibly detach the objects) and then merge them in database B. But this
>>> rises a couple of problems due to versioning / sequence generators /
>>> optimistic locking / ...
>>> e.g.:
>>> - If objects (detached from datastore A) do not exist in datastore B, 
>>> they
>>> are assumed deleted and an exception is thrown
>>> - Since we're using the GeneratedValue annotation for ids, objects 
>>> would not
>>> be able to get persisted in datastore B even if they were new.
>>> Do you have any idea how to solve this problem in a regular way?
>>> One (non JPA-)way would be to implement it with  native queries. 
>>> Maybe this
>>> is the only way? Would probably be harder to maintain though.
>>> Thanks for any suggestion!
>>> Regards
>>> Jonas

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